A new favorite song.

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This Sunday we performed You Won’t Relent by Misty Edwards. What an awesome song! It certainly moved everyone. Diana Mnatsakanyan and Mike Blackwood performed the vocals. The rest of the band:
Bill Kirkman – Keys
Brandon Berg – Guitar
Jacob Hare – Guitar
Stewart Clark – Bass
Mike Blackwood – Vocals, Accoustic
Skylar McNabb – Drums

This is why I love running sound!

Yamaha is releasing the new updates for the M7CL

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m7clVersion 2 software for the Yamaha M7CL-32 and 48-channel digital mixing consoles incorporates new features including Global Paste, enabling simultaneous editing of multiple scenes; Matrix Sends on Fader, providing access to 24 mix busses; Post-Fader Inserts on all inputs and outputs; Post-Fader Direct Outs; Monitor/Cue Level on stereo/mono faders; improved Recall Safe mode; and Relative Level Channel Link and User Defined Key Setup on the console’s offline editing software. And, when used with the new SB168-ES Stage Box providing more inputs and outputs, the Yamaha M7CLv2 digital console becomes an even more affordable mixing solution. The software update is available by download free of charge for existing consoles and will be pre-installed on all new M7CL consoles.

Last Sunday

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Man life has been busy, and I’m always trying to catch up.  I know I have just as many hours in a day as everyone else does, I just can’t seem to use them as wisely as others do.  Hopefully I will write some meaningful content soon.  Until then here is a video of a Lincoln Brewster tune we did this past Sunday at The Lift.  One day I hope to get the tools to do some post production work on the audio, currently all the audio is straight from the boar]\d.

Christmas Production

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Life has been busy!  Along with everythinistmasg else going on I have been working on our Christmas production at church.  We have worked as late as 3am preparing for 6 performances.  There are like 400 people involved, 30 of them are on our tech team.  We have about 64 channels of audio running along with a Pro Tools rig for playback.  We expect attendance to be better than 12000 people between all of the performances.  It has definitely been a challenge but we have managed to produce a Broadway production.  Tonight starts our first performance, wish us luck!

How did you get here?

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Have you stumbled across my blog looking for technical information, help, tips, tricks or suggestions?  If you’re like me you are constantly searching the web trying to learn more about your craft.  I find myself daily searching for more information.  Currently I am reading the book “The Ultimate Live Sound Operator’s Handbook” by Bill Gibson.  It is pretty straight forward and easy to understand, I recommend it to anyone looking for some basic answers.  I read lots of blogs and if you know of some good ones please forward them to me!  One of the blogs I read often is Chris Huff’s Behind the Mixer.  Chris always has great content and distributes a Newsletter that is full of useful information.  Chris actually interviewed me and posted it on his blog.  Now that I have been published we are re-negotiating my contract…You know the one most of us have, which is, as long as you keep showing up they will let you do it.  One day I hope that I can write lots of useful content, but until then here is my wisdom for all of you techs.  Keep Searching, Sharing and Serving!

Talk about Creative Chaos!

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This is an awesome video from Fellowship Church called New Creation. It is also part of a trailer for the C3 Conference. Looks like the conference will be one not to miss. Hopefully I will find a way to attend it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “New Creation on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod



Upcoming Concert at First Baptist

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This weekend we are hosting a concert with Big Daddy Weave and Rush of Fools.  The event is sponsored by New Life 91.9 and will also include a band that won their “My Church Band Rocks” contest.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the groups and especially getting the opportunity to meet their tech teams.  Hopefully I can learn a few tips from their FOH guys, it should be interesting to say the least.  Also I hear the concert is sold out!